Comments in Opposition to the Proposed Gift Substantiation Regulation

The nonprofit community letter in opposition to the IRS proposed gift substantiation regulation has been submitted to the federal government and sign-ons are no longer being accepted.

Please submit comments at Feel free to paste the following comment right in the comment box on the form to align your charitable nonprofit with the nonprofit community letter:

[organization name] joins in the comments submitted December 15 by the nonprofit community in opposition to the proposed Gift Substantiation Regulation (IRS REG-138344-13) and urges Treasury and the IRS to withdraw the proposed rule. We share the concerns of many that the proposed regulation would expose the public to increased risk from identity theft, impose significant costs and burdens on nonprofit organizations, and create public confusion and disincentives for donors to support the work of nonprofits. Please see the nonprofit community comments in opposition, posted online at:

Thank you.